About the Challenge

The Global Management Challenge consists of a Management Simulation in which each team runs a Company, with the objective of getting the highest Investment Performance.

This criterion measures the investment ‘return’ for the original shareholders not just as the value of their shares at the end of the competition but also after allowing for any shares purchased, or sold, and also any dividends received.

How does the Competition work?

The simulation is on-line.

Each edition begins with a Team Draw. The teams are organized into groups (Each Group with a maximum of 8 Teams).

Each Group creates a competitive Market, in which the teams compete with one another.

Each team receives information(Company History) about the Company it is about to run;Outlines a Corporate Strategy;Launches its Strategy by making functional decisions in different areas of the Company (Marketing, Production, Human Resources and Finances).Then, it submits its Management Decisions (Decision sheet) to the Simulator via the Internet.
Briefing Online (Vídeo)
Shows how the competition works
Explains the organisation and functions of the company
Histórico da Empresa
Details its performance in the previous five quarters
Folha de Decisões
Submits the management decisions to the simulator, within a restricted area of the organiser’s web site
Relatório de Gestão
Produced once the simulator analyses and compares the teams’ decisions showing the detailed outcome in financial and operational terms
Shows the result of each team in the market